Sunday, November 20, 2011

Shaping the path

Last week, I talked about "sw!tch" a book that outlines strategies for change that actually work.  These changes fall into one of three categories:  Direct the rider (the rational side of people); motivate the elephant (the emotional side), or shape the path

High school teacher, Bart Millar, had a problem.  Two students showing up late for class, disrupting the lesson.  He tried the usual--refusing to let them in to class if they were late, send them to the principal's office.  Nothing worked.  Finally, Millar tweaked the environment (a shape the path strategy).  He bought a used couch and put it in front of the classroom.  It soon became the cool place to sit and the two students who had been tardy and disruptive, now showed up early to get a good seat. This strategy also probably appealed to the students' elephants.

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